Sicherheit und Datenschutz in KI

Künstliche Intelligenz wird immer häufiger in IT-Sicherheitsanwendungen eingesetzt. Doch die Sicherheit der verwendeten Algorithmen ist oft begrenzt – wie gezielte Angriffe und Privatsphäre-Risiken zeigen.

Der Forschungsbereich SenPAI in ATHENE befasst sich mit dem Thema IT-Sicherheit in der KI in Bezug auf Algorithmen und Systeme sowie in Bezug auf Sicherheits-Anwendungen, die auf ML basieren.

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Best Paper Award for SenPAI experts

Text forensics experts from SenPAI present an authorship verification method in their award-winning paper "TAVeer - An Interpretable Topic-Agnostic Authorship Verification Method". With the help of AV, one can check whether a specific author actually wrote a piece of text or not.

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How secure is Machine Learning?

Study investigates the application of security aspects in Machine Learning techniques. Practitioners are needed for the survey.

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More Cyber Security for AI

Many companies and public authorities are still hesitant about using AI in the field of cyber security, despite the many opportunities for innovation. One major reason: the performance of systems is often difficult to assess. That is why experts from science and industry have drawn up recommendations on how to overcome obstacles to the use of AI.

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